Hawk 250 Engine Oil Drain Plug: Where To Find It and How To Change Engine Oil?

Hawk 250 Magnetic Engine Oil Drain Plug: Where To Find It?

Spotting and opening the Hawk 250 magnetic engine oil drain plug can be tricky. But this is the first step while changing the engine oil if you own a Hawk 250. 

This guide covers everything you need to know about the drain plug of Hawk 250. 

Let’s find out how to locate it and begin changing the engine oil yourself.

What Does an Engine Oil Drain Plug Do?

You might already be familiar with an oil filter, but what is an oil drain plug? 

Well, as the name indicates, an engine oil drain plug is a bolt that closes the engine oil drain. In other words, it is the bolt you open when draining engine oil during an oil change. 

Engine Oil Drain Plug In Hawk 250

Coming specifically to Hawk 250, there are two engine oil drain plugs in it. You’d find one engine oil drain plug marked on the side in your user manual. That’s the oil drain side plug, as shown below.

Hawk 250 magnetic engine oil drain plug: side plug.

You can open it to drain engine oil and clean the filter screen. 

But that may be a bit unusual for you as the oil drain plug is usually at the bottom. So there’s also a traditional oil drain plug at the bottom you can open to drain the engine oil. The hawk 250 drain plug at the bottom will look a bit like this:

Hawk 250 magnetic engine oil drain plug.
Image source: eBay

You’ll have a donut-shaped disc and bolt with a hexagonal head at the top, which is used to tighten or loosen the drain plug. 

The engine oil drain plug serves the same purpose in Hawk 250 Magnetic as in other automobiles.

How To Change the Engine Oil of Hawk 250?

If you want to change the engine oil yourself, read on.

Tools Needed

Gather the following tools to change the engine oil of your Hawk 250 Magnetic:

  • A 24mm socket
  • A ratchet
  • A funnel
  • New engine oil
    • We recommend SAE 15W-40
  • Drain pan or any box
  • A pair of gloves
  • Rags
  • A rear paddock stand (Necessary if your bike does not have the center stand)

Follow the simple steps below to effortlessly change your Hawk 250 Magnetic engine oil.

Set Up the Bike

Set up the work area where you will change the engine oil. Gather all the tools, so you don’t have to get up again and again. 

  • Set your Hawk 250 on the stand. 
  • Clean up the workstation. 
  • Do not forget to wear gloves, so your hands do not get dirty.

Drain out Old Engine Oil

First, take an empty container of ample size, so the engine oil does not splash. Place the pan or container under your Hawk 250 Magnetic drain plug. 

Carefully remove the drain plug with the help of a socket and ratchet. You can also use a wrench to do this. 

Now, wait for the oil to completely drain out of the vehicle into the container. It usually takes three to five minutes for the oil to drain.

Note: We recommend warming up the engine before draining out the engine oil so that the oil becomes thin. It will help with the easy draining. 

Clean Out the Oil Filter

After completely draining the engine oil, take out the oil filter. Clean the oil filter thoroughly with the help of rags. You can also wash it with soapy water and let it dry. 

After that, drench the oil filter in the new engine oil and place it back. Close its cover and tighten it nicely. 

Do not forget to clean out the drain plug with the help of rags. There could be some metal debris and dirt particles attached to it.

Note: If you want to replace the oil filter with the drain plug, follow the same step. Just replace the old oil filter with a new one.

Pour in New Engine Oil

Place the funnel into the oil fill plug and carefully pour in the new engine oil. One and a half liters (1.6 US quart) should be enough. You can also insert a dipstick in the oil fill plug and see if the oil has reached the upper-level mark, as shown in the picture. 

How to add engine oil to hawk 250.

After confirming you have added the required engine oil, carefully close the oil fill plug and tighten it with the help of a wrench.

Note: We recommend you buy high-quality engine oil for better vehicle performance and smooth running of the engine.

Clean Out the Outer Surface

Now, clean out the outer surface of the drain plug and other surrounding areas with the help of rags. Also, ensure that the engine oil drain plug is tightly secured.

Note: Properly dispose of the used engine oil as it is hazardous to the environment.

How To Clean the Engine Oil Filter of Hawk 250

As the engine oil filter is reusable, you do not have to replace it every time. Clean it regularly for its better lifespan. Follow these simple steps to clean it:

  • After removing the oil filter, place it on a rag or fabric.
  • Let the residual oil completely flow out from the filter.
  • Wash the oil filter with soapy water or directly from pressurized hose water.
  • Let the filter dry, and then place it back in its position.

Final Thoughts: Hawk 250 Magnetic Drain Plug

That’s it. You now know where the Hawk 250’s drain plug is and how to change the engine oil in your Hawk 250. 

Gather the tools, and enjoy the process. 

Let us know your experience in the comments below.

For more engine-oil-related queries, explore our blog.  

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