Engine Oil Advice: 3 Best TTR230 Oil Drain Plugs

TTR230 Oil Drain Plug.

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While riding through trails, your bike is prone to damage. Your bike might receive minor hits here and there, but you should try to protect the oil drain plug. To help you do so, TTR230’s oil drain plug is located on your bike’s crankcase side.

However, it can get hit and require a replacement. In that case, we’ve filtered out the three best TTR230 oil drain plugs in this guide. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is an Oil Drain Plug?

An oil drain plug stops the oil from draining from the main engine oil sump. An oil sump or oil pan, present at the bottom of the engine, collects the oil.

The plug stops this collected oil from draining. Typically during an oil change, you open an oil drain plug to let the old oil out of the engine.

Where is the Oil Drain Plug Located in Yamaha TTR230?

In Yamaha TTR230, the oil drain plug is located on the left side, right behind the shift lever. The plug has a 19-mm hexagonal head. You can take it out using a 19-mm hexagonal torque wrench.

source: TTr230 service manual
Image source: TTR230 Service Manual

Best Engine Oil Drain Plugs For Yamaha TTR230 2005

To save you the tedious search, we have gathered the three best engine oil drain plugs you can purchase to protect your engine.

NICECNC Blue Oil Drain Plug — $20.99

Made from Aluminum, the NICECNC Blue Oil drain plug is a lightweight but sturdy drain plug. It’s also anodized to prevent corrosion. 

Besides that, it boasts a powerful magnet that collects the debris from the engine oil and prolongs its life.

NICECNC Oil Drain Plug.
Image source: Amazon

DANFENG Blue oil drain plug cap cover ($23.19)

This drain plug, machined by DANFENG, is made from T6061 Aluminum and only weighs 40 grams.

DANFENG has used a high-strength material with exquisite CNC craftsmanship in making this Plug. Moreover, it has anodized surface finishing, which indicates that you’re getting premium quality in the package. 

This drain plug also comes with a strong magnet to collect metal shavings.

DANFENG Oil Drain plug.
Image source: Amazon

JFG RACING CNC ATV Oil Drain Plug ($15.99)

This drain plug is CNC machined from solid billet aluminum. It’s anodized and weighs 50 grams.

It comes with an O-ring, so you don’t have to use the previous one. It has a very good surface finish. The carvings on the surface make it a stylish solution for your bike.

JFG Racing CNC oil drain plug.
Image source: Amazon

How to Prevent Engine Oil Leakage From Yamaha TTR230?

Different oil leaks can occur in Yamaha TTR230. One of the recurring oil leaks is the leak from the crankcase gasket. Oil can also leak from the oil filter covers. In some cases, oil leakage occurs if the oil drain plug is not fixed properly.

If you see any oil leaking when you park your bike, look for the location of the leak. After identifying the location of the leak, take the appropriate action. Most oil leaks can be controlled by changing gaskets.

If the oil is leaking from the drain plug, check if you are using the recommended size of the O-ring. The incorrect size of the O-ring can cause improper sealing between the plug and the case. This can lead to oil leaks.

How to Change the Engine Oil of the Yamaha TTR230?

The oil change process of Yamaha TTR230 2005 is straightforward.

  1. Keep the bike running for 5-10 mins to warm up the oil for smooth drainage.
  2. Get an oil pan and place it under the drain plug.
  3. Take a 19-mm wrench or an adjustable wrench to unscrew the drain plug.
  4. After unscrewing, notice that it will come right off, and other parts like the spring and mesh filter will follow. 
How to prevent engine oil leakage.
  1. As soon as you unscrew the plug, the oil will start to flow.
  2. Let the oil drain for 30-45 mins
  3. While the oil is draining, change the oil filter.
  4. After all the oil is drained, install the plug back on by inserting a mesh filter, spring, and plug. The plug also includes a rubber O-ring. Make sure to check its health and remove any debris around the O-ring.
  5. After the drain plug is closed, open the oil inlet plug on the right side of the crankcase. pour in the new oil with the help of a kief funnel.


  • Since the oil is warm, take proper care while opening the drain plug to avoid any burns.
  • Use heat-resistant gloves to avoid getting oil all over your hands.

Final Thoughts: TTR230 Oil Drain Plug

A good oil drain plug can protect your engine by collecting metal shavings inside the engine. The perfectly fitted plug can help you avoid leaks and keep the engine in good health.

As you go on through dirt and offroad, your drain plug should also be able to hold on under adverse circumstances. Keeping these things in mind, we have suggested the three best oil drain plugs which will go a long way.

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