Engine Oil Priming Tools: What You Need To Know

Engine oil priming tools what you need to know

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Before using a new engine, you need to prime it. If it’s not primed, the engine oil may not reach the engine’s moving parts, or even worse, the engine may not pick up any engine oil at all. 

Both scenarios damage your vehicle’s engine via early wear. 

To avoid this, prime your engine using an engine oil priming tool. 

Read on to learn more about engine oil priming tools and how to use them.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Why Is Engine Oil Priming Important?

Priming the engine helps in filling up internal oil passages. 

This way, when you start the engine, it’s already immersed in oil. And the engine oil can lubricate and cool down the engine’s moving parts. 

If you do not prime your engine, engine oil flow to the critical engine components is interrupted. This may result in premature wear of those parts — or seize your engine.

Basics of an Engine Oil Priming Tool

Source: Summit Racing Equipment

The engine oil priming tool builds a connection with the shaft of the oil pump through the hole of the distributor and inserts it into the oil pump. 

You can also use an engine oil priming tool before installing an engine oil pump. This lets you prime the pump and test its operation before inserting it into the engine. 

How To Use an Engine Oil Priming Tool?

Here’s how you can use an engine oil priming tool:

  1. Fill the oil pan with any high-quality break-in oil.
  2. Use the priming tool to turn on the oil pump to prime it.
  3. Slip the primer rod into the hole of the distributor shaft, which is located within the manifold. 
    • The collar will cover the hole and center the rod while the bushing will seal the oil galley. 
  4. Now, you need to get the oil into the valve train, rockers, and camshaft. You can do this by building oil pressure, priming the pump, and spinning the rod using any ordinary power drill.
  5. While you prime the engine, use your other hand to rotate the crankshaft. This helps ensure the proper oil distribution into all the oil passages and the bearings. 

Best Engine Oil Priming Tools

Following are our top two picks for the best engine oil priming tools we found on the internet. 

FORGEMAX’s Oil Pump Primer Tool

Oil pump priming tool for GM, Chevy, V6 and V8.
Image source: Amazon

FORGEMAX’s engine oil priming tool can easily fit all big and small blocks — including sizes 454, 434, 427, 402, 400, 396, 350, 327, 307, and 283. 

It comes with a thick shaft and a triangular end that helps prevent slippage. This unit works well with a 1/2-inch or 3/8-inch chuck hand drill. 

It features a black oxide finish and an aluminum bushing that helps center and inserts the tool into the engine’s manifold.

Proform Oil Pump Primers 66896

Oil pump priming tool for Chevy small block and big block.
Image source: Summit Racing Equipment

Featuring a superior design, the Proform oil pump primer is perfect for priming your engine. It features a bushing that helps pressurize the valve train to pump up the oil. A 3/9-inch drill can be easily used with it for priming the oil pump through the distributor. 

It’s compatible with the following engine systems:

  • Chevy small block Gen I
  • Chevy big block Mark IV
  • GM V6
  • V8

Final Thoughts: Engine Oil Priming Tools: Explained

Priming your engine is important for ensuring that it quickly picks up oil. You can do this by using a good engine oil priming tool. 

Get your engine oil priming tool today to prime your engine and enjoy the drive. Explore our blog for more information on engine oils.

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