Small Engine Oil Type — Everything You Need To Know

Small Engine Oil Type — Engine Oil for Your Lawn Mower

Enough about cars, motorcycles, and trucks…which engine oil is best for my lawn mower?

If you want to know the same, this guide is for you.

Typically, the engine oil you use in your car should also work in the lawn mower. But if you want to save on fuel or have a large lawn, it gets complicated. 

Read on to learn about the right small engine oil type and find the right engine oil for your lawn mower. 

Small Engine Oil Type: Recommendations

Engine oils for small engines typically fall into four types:

  • Synthetic blend: If you combine full synthetic oil with conventional engine oil (single or multi-grade), you get a synthetic blend. It performs exceptionally even in low temperatures. Besides that, it contains additives to reduce friction and sludge buildup.
  • Single grade: Single grade engine oil refers to engine oil with only a single viscosity grade. For instance, SAE 30 is single-grade engine oil. Single-grade engine oils work as desired for a limited temperature range. These engine oils don’t have any additives.
  • Multi-grade: Multi-grade engine oils refer to engine oils with more than one viscosity grade. For example, SAE 5W-30 has a cold viscosity grade of 5W and a hot viscosity grade of 30. They offer better functionality over an extended temperature range. Besides that, they often contain additives to reduce sludge buildup.
  • Full synthetic: Full synthetic oils are designed and created artificially from crude oil. These engine oils offer additional benefits, including enhanced fuel economy and better engine performance. However, they are heavier on the pocket than conventional engine oils. 

Engine Oils for Small Engines: Popular Choices

Selecting the right engine oil can be quite a job, right? 

With a lot of options, you should be well aware of what works best. Here’re some popular choices.  

SAE 10W-30 (Synthetic Oil)

  • Extended temperature range 
  • Ideal when it comes to starting the engine in a cold climate 
  • Enhanced power consumption 

SAE 5W-30 (Synthetic Oil) [Highly recommended]

  • Superior fuel economy 
  • Excellent performance at a wide range of temperatures 
  • Improved ignition 

Vanguard 15W-50 (Synthetic Oil)

  • Superior performance at a wide range of temperatures 
  • Ideal for continuous use 

5W-30 (Synthetic blend)

  • Perfect for cold climate 

Still, the right engine type for a small engine depends on the exact application. 

For instance, let’s check how you choose engine oil for a lawn mower.

Lawn Mowers — Best Oil Types and Oil Capacity 

A lawnmower is one of the prime examples of a small engine. Let’s see how to choose the right engine oil for your lawn mower to ensure flawless performance. 

When selecting the oil for lawn mowers, keep these considerations in your mind:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • High speed
  • Viscosity

Due to extreme temperatures and rough use, full synthetic engine oils typically work better for lawn mowers. Full synthetic oils may be expensive, but you increase your lawn mower’s lifespan and benefit from a longer period between oil change.

But how do I change engine oil in my lawn mower’s small engine?

Let’s find out:

Changing Engine Oil of Small Engines

Image source: TKVO.COM

Prep the Engine for Oil Change 

  • Turn on the engine’s ignition to warm it up. This can assist in better flow, making it easier to change the oil. 
  • Clean the entire area thoroughly using a clean paper towel or a cloth. 
  • Position the oil pan below the engine oil drain to collect the oil. 

Remove the Used Oil 

  • Remove the oil drain cap. 
  • Let the dirty oil drain.
Image source: Dreamstime

Replace the Filter 

  • Unscrew the used filter.  
  • Take the unused filter and cover the seal with a thin layer of oil. 
  • Install the new filter and tighten it in place. 

Refill Lawn Mower Oil 

  • Add 15 oz engine oil.
  • Use an engine oil dipstick to check engine oil. 
  • Add more engine oil if required.

Final Thoughts: Small Engine Oil Type — Engine Oil for Your Lawn Mower

You can typically use your car’s engine oil in your lawn mower and other small engines. 

Still, it’s worth checking out the owner’s manual to ensure you’re picking the right engine oil. 

But if — for some reason — you can’t find the owner’s manual of your small engine, you can choose an engine oil from the above list. 
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