4 Benefits of ACDelco Engine Oil Pressure Sensor (+ How It Works)

4 Benefits of Acdelco Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

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Every auto seller claims they sell the best pressure sensors, which makes the decision difficult for you. 

Let’s investigate one such engine oil pressure sensor — ACDelco Engine Oil Pressure Sensor — in this brief review. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Benefits of ACDelco Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Working of ACDelco Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Pros and cons of ACDelco Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Car brands that work with this oil pressure sensor

ACDelco Engine Oil Pressure: Benefits 

With engine oil pressure sensors, you typically just want them to work as they claim. And that’s true for the ACDelco oil pressure sensor; It performs exactly as an oil pressure sensor should. 

It absorbs all the shocks and impacts during driving and accurately measures the oil pressure for a long time — for even up to 200k miles. 

But its benefits don’t end there. Here’re the other benefits you can expect by getting yourself an ACDelco Engine Oil Pressure Sensor. 

1. Premium Material 

ACDelco Engine Oil Pressure Sensor is made of aluminum, making it lightweight yet durable. Besides that, you can also easily drive to a beach and any other humid area as it offers corrosion resistance. 

2. Durability 

A customer shares:

“Its a legit GM approved (AC Delco) sensor, the first one went 190k+, I’ve got no reason to think this one won’t.”

That’s the kind of durability ACDelco engine oil pressure sensor promises. It follows the latest standards and passes rigorous tests.

3, Impact Resistance 

Typically, oil pressure sensors generate noisy data — with many errors — as vehicles’ vibrations affect their readings. ACDelco solves that by ignoring shocks, impacts, and dynamic pressure changes.

4. Wide Range of Temperature 

ACDelco won’t abandon you if your engine starts overheating. That’s precisely when you need an engine oil pressure sensor to work, so ACDelco ensures you can get accurate reading across a wide temperature range. 

The aluminum body of the ACDelco Oil Pressure Sensor brings high thermal resistance to the table and ensures you aren’t disappointed. 

ACDelco Pressure Sensor: Working

ACDelco pressure sensor comprises three standard parts. 

  • Diaphragm: Measures change in pressure.  
ACDelco Pressure Sensor: Diaphragm
Image source: Theteche.com
  • Springs switch: It converts the pressure to mechanical movement. 
  • Electrical contacts: The diaphragm has electrical contacts embedded in it. 
Springs switch
Image source: Avnet

At low oil pressure, the diaphragm’s electrical contacts touch the main circuit, complete the circuit, and turn the pressure light on. 

But if you’ve got sufficient oil in the engine, the oil applies force on the diaphragm and opens the pressure light circuit. At the same time, the springs switch controls the needle and shows the accurate engine oil pressure. 

ACDelco Pressure Sensor: Verdict


  • Highly functional
  • Robust construction
  • Resist shocks
  • Accurate
  • Straightforward mechanism
What ACDelco pressure sensor offers?


  • Leakage issues 
  • Requires special socket for installation

ACDelco Pressure Sensor: Compatible Brands

While the ACDelco pressure sensor can work with most brands and their models, it’s rigorously tested for the vehicles of the following four brands:

  • Chevrolet
  • GMC
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
ACDelco: Compatible brands

Final Thoughts: 4 Benefits of ACDelco Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

If you have a vehicle with an old or faulty engine oil pressure sensor, prepare for a rainy day or avoid it altogether by replacing your oil pressure sensor. 

And if you own a vehicle for one of the brands above, we recommend getting an ACDelco Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

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