Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak (+SDS) — A Unique Formulation 

Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak

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Are you also tired of spending hundreds of dollars on fixing engine leaks? 

If so, you’re in luck since we’ve got just the solution you need. 

Lucas engine oil stop leak is an innovative product that treats engine leaks in seconds. 

Read on to learn how it works and whether it is for you. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak 101

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak combines base oil and additives to protect your engine against leakages. It seals leakages in engine parts — even in older engines — without hurting the engine as it doesn’t contain any harmful solvents. 

Besides solving leakage problems, this sealant reduces engine noise and oil consumption. In turn, you can extend your engine’s life by up to 50 percent. 

Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak: Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak: Ingredients

Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak is a mixture of base oils and additives:

  • Base oils 
    • Petroleum-based 
    • Synthetic
  • Additives 
    • Seal swell agents to shrink the seals 
    • Agents to reduce wear and tear 
Composition of Lucas Engine Oil.

How Does Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak Work? 

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak contains multiple additives to seal the leak. The sealants enter the leakage area and swell there to close the path. Besides the additives, the sealant also contains petroleum distillates that strengthen the swelling. 

Put simply, you can just pour this product and see the leaks restored to their original shape and size. 

Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak: Benefits

As a product with a 5-star rating, this sealant offers most of the benefits you can expect from an engine oil sealant:

  • Low friction: It can lubricate and reduce friction between the engine’s moving parts. 
  • Less wear and tear: Due to effective lubrication, the parts will be in better condition and will not be prone to wear. 
  • Seals the leaks: It contains petroleum distillates and stop leak additives that swell and stop the leak.  
  • Long-lasting action: Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak blocks the leakage for a long time.
  • Compatible with all engine types: It is compatible with both synthetic and petroleum motor oils. 
  • Less oil consumption: It enhances fuel efficiency. 
  • High oil pressures: The higher the oil pressure, the more consistent the oil film. 
  • Low engine noise: This product reduces unwanted engine noise.
Lucas Engine Oil uses.
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How to Use Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak?

Here’s you can seal a leakage by Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak:

  1. Unscrew the oil port cap and change the oil as usual — except don’t fill engine oil up to the capacity. Instead, keep it up to 80% of the engine oil capacity.
  2. Take the Lucas Stop Leak and fill the remaining 20% space.
  3. Tighten the oil port cap. 
  4. Drive your vehicle, so both engine oil and Lucas Stop leak travel through the system. 
  5. Check your vehicle for leaks after 48 hours. 
Using Lucas Engine Oil.
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Which Seals Can You Repair With Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak?

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak can repair a lot of leaks. If you have any of the following leaks, you can rely on Lucas to stop a leak:

  • Gasket leaks 
  • Engine leaks 
  • Hydraulic systems leak
  • Automatic transmission leak
  • Hydrostat transmission leak
Repairable seals via Lucas Engine Oil.

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak: Alternatives

If you can’t get Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak from a nearby auto shop, you aren’t out of luck. You can check out its alternatives:

1. Bar’s Leaks 1010 Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate

Bar's Leaks 1010 Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate
Image source: Amazon


  • No harmful particles 
  • Strong chemical reactions 
  • Suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines 
  • Affordable


  • Cannot treat very damaged and big seals 
  • Requires careful pouring 

2. BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak

BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak
Image source: Amazon


  • Great restoration and conditioning 
  • Zero harmful solvents 
  • Economical option 
  • Suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines 
  • Excellent formulation


  • Not appropriate for failed gaskets 
  • Takes more time to condition leaks 

Final Thoughts: Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak SDS — A Unique Formulation 

Engine leaks can be a huge problem. Not only do they cost a lot to repair, but they also deteriorate the vehicle’s performance. 

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak is a perfect solution to all your engine leak problems.

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