ACDelco PF2257G Professional Engine Oil Filter: Review

acdelco pf2257g professional engine oil filter

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If you want to drive the same car for a long time, you need to maintain it well. To do so, you need to choose the right engine oil filter to ensure that the engine runs smoothly.

The engine oil filter prevents dirt and debris from entering the engine’s moving parts. In other words, it prevents engine oil from accumulating sludge and other harmful contaminants. 

Read on to learn more about the ACDelco PF2257G professional engine oil filter and how it helps your car.

Key Features of ACDelco PF2257G Professional Engine Oil Filter

Let us summarize the features of the ACDelco PF2257G professional engine oil filter:

  • It is made using stainless steel, which helps make it durable. 
  • The dimensions of the oil filter are 4.27 x 2.42 x 2.42 inches. 
  • For enhanced filtering capabilities, it comes with a multi-pass filtering efficiency of 98% at 25-30 microns. 
  • The oil filter also comes with cellulose media, which can trap particles as small as 1/3 the width of a hair. This ensures that all the engine components get a clean supply of oil. 
  • For increased durability, the burst strength of this oil filter is about 5 times that of most engine oil operating pressures. 
  • The heavy-duty shell material has been tested for 4 times the normal engine oil pressure. 
  • In addition, the heavy threaded plate has been engineered to protect against pressure spikes. 
  • Similarly, the spiral wound steel core has been tested for two times the OEM collapse requirement.
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Compatible Vehicles 

Now the next question that most users ask is: what vehicles does the PF2257G oil filter fit?

Following is a list of vehicles that are compatible with the ACDelco oil filter:

  • Buick Encore 
  • Chevrolet Colorado 
  • Chevrolet Trax 
  • GMC Canyon 
  • Chevrolet Sonic
  • Chevrolet Cruze 
  • Chevrolet Aveo5
  • Pontiac G3
  • Saturn Astra
  • Pontiac G3 Wave
  • Chevrolet Aveo
  •  Suzuki Swift+

What Makes It the Best Choice?

The ACDelco PF2257G Professional Engine Oil Filter is a perfect choice since: 

  • It works with all kinds of engines. 
  • A smaller mesh size ensures that even microparticles will not enter the engine.
  • It filters both conventional and synthetic oils. 
  • It has a high capacity for holding engine oil pressure.
  • It is durable and fits a wide range of vehicles.
  • It provides extra protection against pressure hikes.

Final Thoughts: All About the ACDelco PF2257G Professional Engine Oil Filter

Finding the right engine oil filter is crucial for your vehicle’s maintenance. The ACDelco PF2257G Professional Engine Oil Filter is one of the best engine oil filters out there on the market. 

It has amazing features and works with all engines and a wide range of vehicles. 

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